Discuss three examples of how evaluating control risk in an electronic environment differs from evaluating control risk in a manual environment.

Answer the following questions


1-      1-The text does not present a discussion about the typical fraudster and what types of people tend to perpetrate fraud. Other than interviewing issues, it doesn’t discuss signs that an individual fraudster might exhibit when they are perpetrating fraud. I would like you to discuss the types of people you think might perpetrate a fraud and some behavioral indicators that they might exhibit. Since this material isn’t covered in the text, feel free to do some outside research. However, since you are working on your midterms, I don’t want to turn this into a major research project either. Just discuss a few issues and let’s see if we can build a more complete picture with discussion posts.


2-      Look at the CAFR of your city or town and note the total debts.  What is the city’s debt ceiling?  What is the city’s credit rating?  Would you consider purchasing municipal bonds from your city?  Why or why not?


3-      2.  Banks determine lending limits for various companies that work to generate profits.  What are some of the methods used to make the decisions about lending money to these firms?  What are the determinants of how much cities, towns, and states can borrow?



4-      This week we look at the business-type activities of governmental entities.  What are some of the different types of business-type activities in which governmental entities are involved?  How is accounting similar to or different from for-profit accounting for these types of entities?


5-      2.  Look at the City of Dallas CAFR provided or your own city or town’s CAFR.  What types of business-type activities do you find?



6-      Discuss three examples of how evaluating control risk in an electronic environment differs from evaluating control risk in a manual environment. Also, give three examples of how the two environments are the same.


7-      Describe the main differences between general controls and application controls in an electronic environment and provide two examples of each to illustrate your answer.



8-      Auditing around the computer and auditing through the computer and the two main strategies for testing electronic environments. Which of these methods do you prefer? Why? What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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