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Travel and hospitality is a field of study that covers areas like tourism, educational tourism, ecotourism and medical. Students receive homework that is related to hospitality field.  One thing that most of them find difficult is choosing a good dissertation topic when the tutor does not choose one themselves. Some will use the internet to look for a topic.

Dissertation topics on travel:

  • A research on a given hotel brand in relation to accommodation
  • Research on what customers expect from budget hotels
  • Cultural differences in various nations and how this affects the decision of customers when purchasing rooms in leisure hotels.
  • Things that affect hotel selections among couples that seek honeymoon destinations
  • A study that compares nature of tourism in western nations and developing ones.
  • Roles played by internet sites in regard to causing changes in the field of tourism. sample papers

Medical –  The medical charges in developing and developing nations are worlds apart. So there are people who are travelling to benefit from low-priced medical procedures in other nations.

Hospitality – This is all about working in tourist resorts, hotels, casinos, and catering businesses. It entails the relationship process between the resort guests and the management. A dissertation writing service on a hospitality topic is fun.

Ecotourism – This sort of sample is all about cultural heritage and ecological concerns. It focuses mainly on how tourists connect with nature. There are so many topics on ecotourism you could based your dissertation on.

Dark or black – This sort of tourism entails moving to places associated with disaster, death, battlefields and diseases.  It is also about catastrophic happenings.

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