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Writing a dissertation is going to be one of the most challenging things you will have to do while you are a student. As a result there are writers who can be available whenever you need this sort of work to be done and they will ensure that your future will be bright due to the standard of work they can do. You can also receive tips that will help you along the way.

Here is the structure that a dissertation should take.
Propose Topic
You should be influenced by the following factors.
It is relevant – it should be in keeping with the subjects you are studying.
It’s of interest – you should know a lot and be prepared to learn more to keep it interesting.
Scale – you should be able to complete all issues by the deadline you have been given.

A taster of what the research has uncovered.

It is here that anyone who has helped or influenced what you have written. If you check other dissertations you should be able to understand who needs to be included in this section.

All sections should be detailed in this section and it will show the reader where each part is listed.

This will tell the reader what the subject matter is and why you have chosen this for your dissertation. It should be easy to understand your motives and how you will deal with the issues. You need to set out what has already been discovered about the topic, and then show how the extra research that you have undertaken fits into the framework.

Literature review:
There will need to be a review of literature in the dissertation and you have to:-
Describe how things are at present.
Check if everything in the field has been sufficiently considered and included.
Compare the work that you have done with that of other writers.
Link the findings you have to others who came to the same sort of conclusion.

Show where there are still gaps in the research and how you will be trying to fill them as well as confirm other findings.
End by giving a summary of the literature.
Describe methodology
Set out what you did to get your results.
List all the equipment you used or the methods followed to get your results.
Results and Findings
Style needs to be checked and the first review of the results and then all the details
Go straight to full details of what you have found out.
Balance the words across the result sheets
Follow this order when it comes to the results.

It is here that the research can be discussed in a lot more detail and you can also make a reference back to the reasons you gave when explaining your research and then discuss what the thesis you have prepared has added to the topic.

List here all the new findings that you unearthed and explain how they fit into your research and anything that has gone before.

When using the number system, list all the people you want to include in the order they have been cited. If however you have decided that it will be the name-year-system it should be an alphabetical listing.

This will come at the end of the dissertation and will mean including information specific to the research and the details of findings.

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