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Since students find dissertation writing difficult and challenge, urgent dissertation writing help is very necessary. Despite all the hard work you have put in your education, if you dissertation is imperfect you could end up failing in your coursework. Your goals and expectations might go to waste while your confidence could be ruined. If you want to write your dissertation, here we are offering your writing assistance with all your academic writing.

To receive help with your dissertation writing, the following is the basic structure you should follow.

How to propose a topic

The choice of the best topic is paramount and should be based on these factors:

Relevance: Ensure that your topic is relevant to the department you are studying.

Interesting – Write your paper based on current knowledge about the topic you have picked.

Scale: Be able to complete your research on time and with the available resources.

Other terms include:

Abstract – It refers to the section of the thesis that concludes your research.

Acknowledgements – This is where the writer mentions the people who were supportive and instrumental in the process of crafting their paper.  It is good to read dissertations of other papers that have been written to get an idea of how to write a sensible acknowledgement.

Contents – The sections and subsections of  a thesis paper is listed in the content pages. It displays the chosen structure of the paper.

Introduction – It depicts an explanation of what is the reason you are studying the topic and of what importance it is. Firstly, it should get clear to the reader from the inception that what your approach is towards. In this framework you need to include an outline of pre-existing theories which are related to your study topic. Then make it clear how your research relates to such theories.

Literature review – This part can vary based on the dissertation paper you are doing. To do this part properly, describe this:

  • Describe existing state of research in your field
  • Check whether there are closely related areas that need to be considered.
  • Compare and contrast views from different authors on the same issue
  • Group authors who have same views together
  • Show gaps in research and illustrate how your study relates to former studies.
  • Draw conclusions, summarizing what the literature is all about

A chapter on methodologies – Here you have to describe all the methods, equipment and materials you applied during research. Be sure to clearly describe your way of gather information.

Results  or Findings – Pay attention to your reporting style and create an overview of your findings or results. Alternatively, you could move straight to detailing your findings. Ensure to pick your words carefully when describing results and demonstrate the order followed for listing your results or findings.

Discussion – This is where you could review your research based on the other wider context. Refer back to your rationale for research and discuss what your thesis has added to it.

Conclusions – This part includes the findings and new points that may have cropped up from your study of the topic and what they mean to your research.

References – If you want to use a number system, then write a list of references in the order that have been cited or you name publications using the name/year method, you must list your references alphabetically.

Appendices – Each appendix part should be dedicated to specific information and it could be included at the end of your dissertation. Ensure that you refer items in the appendix in the content of your dissertation paper.

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