Briefly discuss the differences in the old Minimum Foundation Program (1947) and the FEFP (1973).

  1. Briefly discuss the differences in the old Minimum Foundation Program (1947) and the FEFP (1973).
  2. What part of the basic FEFP formula (State Aid = WFTE x BSA – (.96 AV} provides A. equity for students and B. equalization of funding for districts?
  3. Review how student transportation dollars are calculated. What are the two major components?
  4. What is the function of Workforce Development funds?
  5. What are Categorical Program funds? How do they differ from general FEFP funding?
  6. What are the four constructs on which the FEFP is based? ( Page 1–2nd paragraph )
  7. Briefly define the following:
    1. Full time equivalent
    2. Program cost factor
    3. Weighted FTE
    4. Base student allocation
    5. District cost differential
    6. Sparsity supplement
    7. Supplemental academic instruction
    8. 0.748 Mills Discretionary Compression (audio is incorrect-changed from Local Discretionary Equalization).
    9. ESE guaranteed allocation
    10. Required local effort
  8. As a school principal, you will be responsible for reporting two primary FTE counts each year and possibly two additional FTE counts for summer programs. What you are required to report is the Weighted FTE for your school in each report period. Since there are two report periods in the 180 day school year (October & February), you should divide each total count by 2. Your assignment is to compute the first semester FTE count for the elementary school depicted below using Program Cost Factors in the current Statistical Report. You must show all of your work.

THIS IS A TK20 ASSIGNMENT and must be reported in TK20 and the regular course dropbox.

Grade     Basic Students     ESE Service Level 4     ESE Service Level 5

K               92                               4                                    2

1                90                              3                                    3

2                103                             3                                     2

3                103                             2                                    3

4                99                               4                                    3

5                94                               3                                    3



  • Service Levels 1 through 3 have been left out of the calculation on purpose to simplify the exercise. In reality they are included in the basic student count and then are credited with a set additional amount of dollars from the ESE Guaranteed Allocation.
  • On page 5 or 6 of the Statistical Report you will find a list of requirements for participation in the FEFP. I am not requiring you to report them to me but it is important that you be familiar with these requirements.

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