A Revolution for Whom?

Step 1 Go to Module 3 of the Digital History Reader at http://www.dhr.history.vt.edu/modules/us/mod03_rev/index.html Step 2 Read the “Introduction” and “Context” Step 3 Read the selections from the “Evidence” section. Step 4 Select one of the following four groups of primary sources: · African Americans · Women · Poor white men · Non-Protestants Writing Assignment: Write a 2 to 3 page historical essay that discusses the various ways in which the American Revolution affected the lives of individuals within that group. Weighing the evidence, did the group benefit from the Revolution? Submit online and bring 2 copies to class on Wed. Oct. 21. This assignment closes at the start of class on Oct. 21. Please put your name on a cover sheet but do not put it on the other pages.

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