Choose a fable and compare yourself to it.

Assignment Choose one of the five fairy tales in the Fairy Tale module. They are listed in the green text box above.

Compare yourself to one of the fairy-tale characters in the fairy tale you choose. To compare means to tell how two things are similar.

Use examples such as pertinent quotations, events, characters’ actions, plot devices, and fairy tale elements from the fairy tale, your primary source, and events, actions, and elements from your own life as evidence to prove your thesis to the reader.

Find a credible secondary source that backs up your insight about the fairy tale character. A credible source is a journal article, a newspaper article, or a book. Not some website you Googled. Provide evidence from 1. “Briar Rose” 2. “The Story of the Three Bears” 3. “The Robber Bridegroom” 4. “Master Cat, or Puss in Boots” 5. “Rapunzel” the secondary source.

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