Writing :Advertisements.

Choose a print ad (or commercial) for some type of tobacco product and answer the following questions:

  1.  What is the verbal message of the ad?  What does it say exactly?  Are there direct references to the product?
  2.  Are certain words given unique treatment–larger or special type or a different color?  Are there any plays on words or puns?  how do these affect the message of the ad?
  3.  Are there any special offers or bargains such as savings coupons or merchandise offers?
  4.  How is the mandatory health warning handled in the ad?
  5.  What is the visual message of the ad?  What images and symbols does it convey?
  6.  Is a famous person being used to sell the product?  If so, how does this influence the effect the ad has on you?
  7.  How is sexuality portrayed?  Is sexuality being used in any way to sell the product?
  8.  What is left unsaid by the ad?  Will using the product transform a tobacco user’s life in the ways the ad suggests?  What effects aren’t portrayed in the ad?


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