Analyze and evaluate Holmes’s essay thoroughly. What is the author’s main claim (thesis)? Is it clearly stated?

In order to complete this assignment successfully, you need first to analyze and evaluate Holmes’s essay thoroughly by asking the following questions:
A. Claims
(1) What is the author’s main claim (thesis)? Is it clearly stated? Does it reflect the purpo
se of the essay?
(2) What are
subsidiary claims?
That is
, what are the claims that she
uses to support
main claim?
Are they clear and valid? Are they related to the main claim?
(3) Does the author address opposing views fairly and counter them s
B. Evidence
(1) What kind of evidence does the author use? (e.g., facts
, statistics, examples, personal
experience, expert
testimony, analogy)
(2) Is the evidence sufficient, specific, relevant, and convincing?
C. Presentation
(1) What is
the author’s tone? Is it neutral, sincere, respectful, humorous, sarcastic, pessimistic, etc.?
How do you know? How does it contribute to the argument?
(2) How is the text organized? Is the organization effective?
Once you have analyzed the essay and ma
de the evaluation,
decide on several areas (points
) about which you can
write substantially in this assignment.
are called your “points of evaluation.”
These points of evaluation
need to be included in your thesis statement, and each needs to be s
upported in your body paragraph(s)
In your introduction, introduce
Holmes’s essay by summarizing it accurately, beginning with its thesis.
After the
summary, end the introduction with
your own thesis statement
that is focused and reflects the evaluativ
e purpose of
your essay.
In your body paragraphs, support each point of evaluation in each body paragraph by providing several pieces of specific evidence from Holmes’s essay
how such evidence proves your point.
While writing
your body
paragraphs, try to use, whenever relevant, such terminology as audience, purpose, claims, evidence,
reasoning, credibility, opposing views, counterargument, language, tone, and organization.
In your conclusion,
restate your focused thesis
write other
insightful concluding remarks
For all essay assignments, try to meet the Grading Criteria for Portfolios.

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