Write a digital marketing plan for a real company.

Digital Marketing Plan
• Your assignment is to write a digital marketing plan for a real company. The goal of this assignment is to enable students to gain familiarity with developing, writing, and presenting a realistic digital marketing plan. The assignment requires students to demonstrate knowledge of specific marketing concepts, such as market segmentation, positioning, consumer behavior, and advertising strategy, and relate that to the specific implications relevant for marketers. • There is no fixed format for the reports but you are encouraged to address the following aspects in your digital marketing plan:
– Introduction to the firm’s strategy & STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning), competitive position, and SWOT.
– Analysis of the company’s digital presence today
– Traditional marketing tools used
– Identify digital platforms the firm should focus on
– Recommend tactics and experiment some if applicable
– Conclusion and recommendations for next steps
10 single spaced pages including exhibits and figures

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