What do you hope to gain academically and personally from participating in the NYUAD J-Term program?

It’s my opening/personal Statement for studying abroad in abu dhabi. Here’s a little information about myself

I’m a psychology major, I come from a very religious family which were completely against me studying or going to college. I’m Muslim and from afghanistan. I have visited pakistan and afghanistan , which is why it inspired me to eventually become a doctor and go to meds school. I decided to major in psychology because i get the best of both worlds. One half i get to learn how to deal with people from within , and understand them more. Which will help me tremendously in the medical field. I believe that if they accept me to study abroad it will help me experience the different types of cultures and people. ( I really don’t know what else to say)

I am applying to take , a psychology course in Abu dhabi. My 2nd and 3rd choices are all history courses. maybe you can say something like I want to know where History comes alive. or something of that sense.

But here are the things that they are asking for
Please write a 450-500 word essay about yourself. Please address the following topics and include any other information you think would be of interest to the selection committee in evaluating your application:
What do you hope to gain academically and personally from participating in the NYUAD J-Term program?
If you are applying for a J-Term abroad, explain why it is important for you to have this cross-cultural experience at this point in your studies.
What challenges, if any, do you anticipate facing?

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