Value Chain Analysis.

Arrowhead Mills (The Hain Celestial Group). The solid reputation of your consulting firm is paying off. An important client, The Hain Celestial Group has asked your firm to undertake a McKinsey style (sequential) value chain analysis that highlights the flow of activities in the breakfast cereal industry. Please identify the key activities (minimum of eight) and offer a very brief description of each. Identify where your company fits on the value chain, and where its major competitors fit. Also please identify some of the other companies (suppliers, customers, etc.) that participate in activities in the value chain. Please offer commentary as to whether there is evidence that some value chain components are growing or contracting. Finally, the client is asking for a brief note on some of the common risks faced by your company and its key competitors in this industry. Please offer five key risks. Please reference online information sources appropriately using endnotes. Please end the analysis with a discussion regarding implications. In other words, after gathering the data, so what? What does it mean?

Assignments will be to respond to the specific questions. These are described further on in this course outline. Each assignment shall be limited to three single spaced pages plus diagrams and appendices. A paper version or hard copy of the assignment shall be handed at the start of class which it is due. Please use APA style when citing and referencing information.

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