The purpose of using a process in making a decision is to verify what your instincts have already told you is best.Debate.

Debate the following statement: The purpose of using a process in making a decision is to verify what your instincts have already told you is best.
Using the articles from this week’s assignments and any relevant material from previous weeks, debate the pros and cons of the statement listed above. Be sure to “sell” your point of view. This means use the material in a way the supports your premise. Don’t quote it per se unless you intend to use a statement for emphasis. Pretend you are talking to someone and you have to get your points across as strongly as possible. Select your words carefully to give impact to the best argument while again using language to de-emphasize the weakest of your points. Hide your weakest argument between the strong and strongest points. Always close with your strongest argument. In selecting your words be careful not to use words which offend but rather ones that paint a vivid picture of your argument. You want a weaker picture painted for the weaker argument because it will highlight the stronger arguments by contrast. NEVER USE PERSONAL PRONOUNS and NEVER USE I THINK, I FEEL, I BELIEVE. You may be presenting the strongest and most logical case but as soon as the reader thinks it is your opinion and not fact you will find they take what you have to say with a grain of salt. You want to appear the expert so avoid these fateful words.  Finally never argue a negative or the opponent’s point of view. Be positive and genuine! You want “sell” them your point of view not a used car.

Make the pros argument.

Take the following quiz and determine what your decision making style is and describe it to the class. Then, use the readings from this to comment on ways that you might improve and perhaps even change your decision making style to create one which would improve your performance as both a leader and a manager. Make sure to describe the difference between the two styles of a leader and manager when discussing the changes as well as how the job might affect your style. Finally comment on whether your style should be changed depending upon the job or task that requires the decision or if you can suggest that it remain constant instead.
Finding your decision making style quiz

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