Rhetorical Analysis.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand and examine effective rhetoric. Student’s Goal: Your goal as writer is to establish and prove the effectiveness of the selected article

This first paper is a rhetorical analysis of the established argument from various perspectives that may or may not include the writer’s character, style, content, facts, examples, etc. Before attempting to write this paper please review Rhetorical Analysis Guidelines located in the Short Paper #1 folder. ASSIGNMENT: After reviewing the various articles and essays presented in class (see listing below) select one and write a rhetorical analysis on the article that presents the most effective argument.
ARTICLE: Why Doesn’t Serena Williams Have More Sponsorship Deals?
Link: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/08/serena-williams-sponsorship-nike-us-open/402985/

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paper about whether you like or dislike an argument. This is also not a paper summarizing what you read. This is about the effectiveness of the argument presented by the assigned writer. Your thesis should clearly state what specifically makes the argument you have selected effective and more so when compared to the other perspective presented.

PAY ATTENTION: Please note the following format is expected.
Proper heading (top left-hand corner with student name, course number, Short Paper 1 and date)
Centered original title
1-2 pages typed and double-spaced
New paragraphs are indented
No extra spaces between paragraphs
No cover sheets
No templates of any kind; paper should be typed in a blank Word file
1-inch margins all around
12-inch font (Times New Roman)
1st or 3rd person point of view
MLA parenthetical in-text citations
Works Cited page if sources outside of the textbook are used (does not count towards page limit)

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to submit files as instructed, adhere to the short paper format and prompt will result in point deductions. Work that is not submitted as a Word document will not be accepted, and will receive a zero (0) grade. For more guidelines on how to approach this essay, review the postings on the Discussion Board.

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