Impact of declining crude oil prices on the US and global economy.

Crude oil prices (measurement by barrels) have been declining on the world market over the past 2 years. Recent market reports have attributed the decline to factors of Market Supply and Market Demand. Conduct your research and provide clear and documented analysis to support all examples or cases for how the factors of Supply and Demand are causing crude oil prices to decline. In your analysis, provide at least 2 compelling examples each (total of 4) of the positive and negative impact of declining crude oil prices on the US and global economy. Please make sure that you have a thesis (a main point that you are making) and develop it thoroughly and coherently. All work must be your own with properly cited sources using APA standards. You will be provided with the means for you to check your work through the anti-plagirism website before submitting the final draft in the course module’s dropbox in Learning Studio. Please include all of the following requirements in the completed paper:


  • Typed using an automated word processing application, such as Microsoft Word.
  • A required minimum of 8 pages for the body of the paper (not including the cover, reference and abstract pages). Double-spaced between lines within the paragraphs, with the Times New Roman font type in a 12-point font size.
  • A cover page with the student’s full name, the title of the type of work which was selected for the paper, the date of when the paper was completed, the course title, and the instructor’s name whom the work is being submitted to.
  • For university level work, it is highly expected that the paper will contain properly documented notes, source citations, an abstract page, reference page and the presentation of tables and graphs if necessary. The use of the APA (American Psychological Association) form of completing a research paper is preferred. A book titled “The Handbook for Writers”, as well.
  • Please check your paper against the Turnitin database to reduce the percentage of similar cited words to the lowest level (under 20%).

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