Identify the Area of Specialization being described for each Topic of Studylisted.

Psychology is a very broad subject that encompasses many areas of specialization. Psychologists have diverse interests and occupations. Many psychologists are involved in specific areas of research, other psychologists are primarily educators, and some psychologists specialize in the helping professions. Psychology offers many interesting career paths. In this assignment, you will explore eight areas of specialization in psychology.


Complete the What Psychologists Do…Areas of Specialization worksheet.

  1. Identify the Area of Specialization being described for each Topic of Studylisted(Use the Area of Specialization list provided.)
  2. Identify the Key Focus of This Area of Specialization.
  3. Use the last column to identify which setting(s) a psychologist in this specialization may work.

Be sure to cite your textbook, or other sources, in the reference section at the bottom of the page. For help in citing sources, click on Academic Resources under Course Home.

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