Exploring the world and colonizing countries was very important for Europeans.Discuss.

Late medieval and early modern European history is known as an age of
explorations and expansions. Why did Europeans go abroad to the New World (The Americas)
and Africa? In other words, what motivated merchants,bankers,explorers, and government
leaders in these activities? What made it possible for European nations to take these voyages,
and to colonize the New World and Africa.
Exploring the world and colonizing countries was very important for Europeans. In
Europe there were a lot of empires such as the Spanish empire, Portuguese empire, and the
English empire. The Europeans wanted to have more knowledge for global exploration, they
knew that by exploring new lands they will discover new things such minerals like gold and
silver. The motivation for these empires was expansion of lands to gain more power and to use
the goods of the new land.

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