Explains the unexpected, unusual, and temporary circumstance (i.e. death in the immediate family, illness, or other significant life changes) which led to your lack of academic progress

Satisfactory academic progress requirements for the receipt of federal aid are separate and distinct from the university’s academic progress requirements. By submitting an appeal, you are acknowledging that you have been on financial aid warning or probation and/or you have reached the maximum academic time frame for the receipt of federal aid according to the “Walden University Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards” as published in the Walden Student Handbook and the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions.

How to appeal

Step 1: Type and attach a letter to this form that explains the unexpected, unusual, and temporary circumstance (i.e. death in the immediate family, illness, or other significant life changes) which led to your lack of academic progress. Be sure to include dates of these events that correspond to all of the academic terms in which you did not meet academic progress standards. Explain how you have remedied the issues. Pre-existing life issues (an issue or illness that is not limited to medical, that you had before beginning any Walden program) is not cause for appeal.




Step 2: Attach third party supporting documentation. The following are examples of acceptable supporting documents:



Copy of death certificate, or




Letter from physician with the dates in which you were unable to attend school, the date you can return to school and the physician’s contact information, or





Dated court records, police reports or insurance claims, or


Letters from employers with their contact information, or


Copy of a residential lease or the closing documents of new home.


Not acceptable documents include but are not limited to: obituaries or funeral programs; medical records or a copy of prescriptions, letters or emails from family, friends, co-workers, classmates or professors;

Step 3: submit step 1 and step 2 with this SIGNED form to the Office of Financial Aid at Walden University by mail (7070 Samuel Morse Drive Suite 250, Columbia, MD 21046) or by fax (410-209-8026). All documents are subject to verification.

The appeal decision

Please allow for up to 30 days for your appeal decision to be processed by the appeal committee. The decision will be sent to your Walden email address. Please understand that your appeal cannot be reviewed until all grades are posted to your academic transcript. Appeals will not be reviewed if there is a grade of incomplete on your transcript.

You will not know the committee’s decision by the last day to drop a course without penalty. All university billing policies remain in effect while your appeal is reviewed. If you are currently enrolled and your appeal for financial aid probation is denied, you will be responsible for tuition and fees for any current enrollment.

By my signature below, I acknowledge and understand that I am appealing for continued participation in federal aid programs and that knowingly providing false or misleading information in connection with such programs could result in fines, imprisonment, or both. I also understand that I could be subject to a code of conduct violation with Walden University.


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