Explain how the arguments in the article in praise of “fast food” are contradictory to the model that Johann von Thunen proposed.


  • In praise of fast food
  • DO NOT email me your responses.

    o A staple on the top left corner to hold the sheets together will be enough

    o Bring them to my office (HSS 219) or give it to a responsible person in the Social Science Division


    This is an open-book (well, open-readings), open-notes test.

    o There is always a chance that you might have to integrate your understanding of ideas across the

    contents of more than one week.

    Thou SHALL NOT consult with anybody

    o Violating this will result in severe penalties for the offenders.

    A well-crafted answer (per question) may be articulated in about 500 words

    In developing your answers:

    o Bring in appropriate keywords/concepts, and evidence from the readings

    When discussing keywords/concepts, do not merely copy/paste them from websites;

    explain your understanding of those ideas in your own words.

    o Provide logical arguments that carefully examine the pros and the cons

    DO NOT merely provide your reflective opinions

    Avoid rhetorical statements and metaphors

    Answers should be word-processed and double-spaced

    Pay attention to the mechanics of writing

    o Grammar, spell-check, etc.


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