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Write a 2-3 page paper in 12 pt. font with no larger than 1.5 inch margins that addresses the following: What do these documents tell you about the concerns in a settled territorial state compared to those of more nomadic groups? (for example, what are the territorial states trying to legislate through codes and what issues matter to the Hebrew and Vedic peoples?) What sorts of social distinctions such as class, gender, occupation are evident in the codes (are there similarities between codes, for example; and how would you account for such distinctions)? Finally, discuss something of the range of punishments where you find evidence; what do the codes tell you about sources of power in these societies? Source: Pollard, Elizabeth, Clifford Rosenberg, and Robert Tignor. _Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: Beginnings through the 15th Century_, Concise Ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 2015.

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