Education & Finance

  • Prepare a brief paragraph on the impact of Sputnik and “A Nation at Risk’ on public education (  treat separately ).
  • Expound on the statement that education is an investment in “Human Capital”
  • What vehicle is used to transfer private sector profits to the public sector?
  • Provide a brief definition of the following:
    • Equity
    • Equality
    • Cost-benefit
    • Cost-quality
  • Define and explain the impact of “Marginal Dollar Principal” and “Point of Diminishing Returns” on the financing of public education.
  • In what way is the U.S. a world leader in public education? In what way are we not?
  • What are the elements of an economic good? In what way is education unique?
  • What are a few of the non-economic benefits of public education?

Assignment 2

  • School expenditures are constantly increasing. What past and current factors have driven costs up?
  • What economic impact does the lack of education pose on the individual and society as a whole?

Assignment 3

  • Provide a brief overview regarding equity in the financing of public education as it relates to:
    • The varying needs of students
    • At the school level (school comparison)
    • For taxpayers
  • Briefly explain the statement “Fairness of taxation is increased when more kinds of wealth are included”.
  • Trace the history of educational funding from it’s inception to present. There are 4 to 5 identifiable eras depending on the author.

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