Education (difference) between countries

We had a 4 people study group.

We talked about our own education system.

So just write difference between our education system.

One page paper!


Hamza(name) from Lebanon

*12 years study

*should wear uniform

*cannot choose class

*no class on weekends except Saturday (Morning+Evening)

Friday(day off for muslim, people go to Mosques to pkay)

Sunday (Chrastion people gp tp chruch)


Michelle and Alex from Vitnam.

*School are not free

*rich people can go to school, poor people just stay at home

*You cannot choose your class


However, Michelle spent her most time in US.

*Student can choose classes

*Don’t need to wear uniform

*4 years high school


Last im from China

*Cannot choose class

*need uniform

*students are not allowed to have boy/girls friends in School

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