Education And Finance.

Assignment 7

  1. What are the characteristics of a good taxation system?
  2. List and briefly describe taxes commonly used to finance public education.
  3. What is a circuit breaker?
  4. List three additional fund sources often employed in the education arena.
  5. Define and give an example of the following tax characteristics:
    1. Progressive
    2. Proportional
    3. Regressive

Assignment 8

  1. Summarize arguments for and against local control and full state funding of public education. (Treat each separately).
  2. Education is primarily funded through a state-local partnership with supplemental funding in specific areas from the Federal government. Research and report on what percentage each of these entities provide in your school district. The summary budget from your district would contain this information. Be brief, accurate and conclude with your critical comments.
  3. Briefly describe the contributions to the theory of educational finance made by:
    1. Cubberly
    2. Morrison
    3. Strayer & Haig
    4. Updegraff

Assignment 9

  1. Briefly describe the rationale for Federal Impact funds and the function of Workforce Development monies. Treat separately.
  2. List and briefly describe the three major revenue sources in the category Federal through State (3200).


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