Does this add to any global inequality?

The Panama Canal is being expanded (widened and deepened) to accommodate larger cargo ships. Please read the article Expanded Panama Canal May Change Tolls to Lift Energy Shipments.

After reading this article, please prepare a 3-5 page on how this will impact the developed nation’s infrastructure and impact globalization efforts worldwide. Does this add to any global inequality? Will it lead to more disparate poverty because developing nations can’t complete with Panama’s advanced shipment capabilities? Will this impact trade agreements or regional economic programs? Remember to be holistic in your view of the situation!

You may include any information you feel is valid for this paper and note that this is simply an academic inquiry – there’s not a correct or incorrect answer on this because we’re talking about the future – the canal project won’t be complete until 2015!

Your paper should have a separate cover page and a list of 3 outside references. Please double-space your paper, present in Word, and make sure that it’s in a minimum of 12 inch font.

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