Do you think the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has worked? Explain

Health Care Consumer: Trends and Marketing
Instructions: I rather hear about your experiences, experiences of others you know, opinions and ideas when answering the following questions. Must write up 100 to 150 word count.
Do you think the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has worked? Explain.
Are your rights violated if you go to the ER and when you see the receptionist to tell them why you are there, everyone can hear?  Are your rights violated when in an urgent care center, you are separated by a curtain only, and everyone can hear what is said, or if you go to the doctors and you hear the doctor talking to the patient in the next room?
When you go to the doctor, you are asked to sign a HIPAA form.  Has anyone ever read it?  If so, what does it really say?
What are some ways in which you share health information today? What are the risks associated with sharing information? What types of sharing are most effective? What do you think about this article?
Chapter 11 discusses advertising limitations.  Consumers are surrounded by advertisements from all forms of medium – television, radio, print, and the Internet.  Advertisers must be aware of the limitation of the noise created by the bombardment of advertisements to the consumer.  As a result of the influx of advertisements, consumers may ultimately feel a particular advertiser is self-promoting their product or service.  Advertisers recognize that their efforts are more effective when the consumer’s awareness of their product or service is limited.  In this scenario, the consumer may gain knowledge on the service or product by viewing or reading the advertisement.  The consumer then becomes familiar with the product, and may wish to explore further.  Thoughts? What did you see that surprised you? What did you see that you already knew? What is happening right now with health care reform?
What are some aspects of health care reform besides the mandate that everyone should have coverage? What has changed, or do you think will change, with this timeline? How does that affect consumers?
Research  the following in your community:
One web-based resource
Write a 350 word paper in which you address the following:
Who is their target audience?
How are they marketing to their target audience?
How effective is their marketing approach?
What could be done differently to improve their marketing?

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