Discuss “The Profession of Early Childhood Education”.

Using all you have learned in the previous modules, and the issues presented, you are to compile a set of articles/reports that demonstrate how these early childhood issues may be played out in the current media. For instance… Breaking news: • Early childhood center refuses entry of physically disabled child in their center. • Teachers protest the implementation of assessments in their early childhood classrooms. • Poverty on the rise and schools working to improve neighborhood conditions. The stories you come up with are completely up to you. Be creative, be thorough, and make the stories come alive! You can present it as a newspaper, upload a video news report, or even a magazine. Use pictures and make it attractive. I will be presenting a magazine (along with my group) so I just need 1-2 page article. The topic I selected is “The Profession of Early Childhood”. I want my article to be related to these possible Early Childhood Education career: • Teacher of Young Children (Head Start, Private Child care centers, Pre-K programs) • Teacher of Young Children (Public school district) • Child Care Administrator/Director • Family Child Care Home Owner • Provider of Home-Based Services • Program Assessor • Family Services Specialist • Child/Family Advocate • Early Interventionist • Early Childhood Researcher.

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