Discuss the DuPont ratio.

Financial ratios represent a way of avoiding problems involved when comparing companies of different sizes. These ratios assist in comparing and investigating the relationships between different pieces of financial information. From the text, you have read about several types of financial ratios As you write your paper, you will be in the role of an analyst who is attempting to put ratio analysis into a context which helps explain a certain aspect of this concept.


Research Paper:


Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

10th edition, 2013



Ross, Westerfield & Jordan

McGraw Hill Irwin

After you have completed the readings for chapter 3 in this module and reviewed chapter 2 from the previous module, you should be ready for this assignment. Begin by choosing a topic area in ratio analysis that appeals to your desired learning objectives or career goals. if you wish to research an area you are not too familiar with, please feel free to contact me for guidance.

Potential Topics:

  • Choose one of the ratios presented in the readings and apply research material to the discussion of that ratio.
  • Discuss the DuPont ratio
  • Discuss the topic of Benchmarking

ITo receive full credit, for Research Paper:

This research paper should be 3- 5 pages in length and it should analyze an aspect of ratio analysis from the readings and your research. You are to use standard APA formatting. Be sure to apply the proper terms and concepts from your readings as you are writing this paper.

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