Discuss the depressions that are not mood disorders. Include the symptoms and provide examples (these may be fictional).


Directions: Provide detailed and elaborate responses to the questions below.  Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments and discuss how the concepts are applied in modern psychology.  Your responses to each question should be at least one half of one page in length and include a minimum of two references.

1.    What are mood disorders?  Please describe the types of mood disorders and discussion the prevalence of them in America.

3.    Explain the Helpless and Hopeless theories of depression.  Does research support these concepts?  Do you view the theories as valid?  Provide examples to support your position.

4.    Discuss Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness based cognitive therapy. Explain their focus and level of efficacy.  Why do you think these therapies appear to be successful in the treatment process?  Support your position.


Review the Web resources in the lecture notes. Select at least three websites that you consider valuable.  In a document that is at least one page in length, provide the following information.
1.    Describe the site and its purpose.
2.    How does it demonstrate credibility?
3.    Explain how the information provided on the site may be beneficial to students and professionals.

PART III: Final Project Reminder

The final project is composed of two parts: a research paper and an annotated bibliography.  The research paper requires that the student work on it each week, as it is due at the end of module 8.  The purpose of the paper is to provide an opportunity for students to investigate a disorder of interest to them, evaluate treatment strategies, draw conclusions, and provide recommendations.  The student will use at least five peer reviewed references and five credible websites to build a paper of at least ten pages using APA guidelines.

For this research paper, the student is to select a disorder from the following: ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder, Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Borderline Personality Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder, Substance Abuse Disorder, Substance Dependence Disorder.  If you are interested in investigating a disorder not mentioned above, please contact your instructor for approval.

The student’s research paper should address the following information:

I    Introduce the disorder and illustrate how it may manifest in a client’s life.
a.    Expand on its relevance historically and in modern society
b.    What impact does it have on the individual? Family? Community?
c.    In your opinion, is it successfully being addressed in the United States? Why or Why not? Explain and support your position with current literature.
II    Discuss the criteria for diagnosis
a.    Discuss the assessment tools commonly utilized in the diagnostic process.
b.     What assessment tools would you recommend based on their reliability and validity? Support your position with current literature.
III     Introduce common treatment goals for the disorder.
a.    Illustrate the behavioral changes that relate to the treatment goals
b.    Explain the potential benefit, achieving treatment goals, may have on the individual, family, community.
IV    Introduce at least three treatment strategies for the disorder.
a.    Explain each strategy, its historical foundation and how/if it is utilized in modern therapy.
b.    Compare and contrast each of the strategies. Discuss strengths, weaknesses, scientific support and how/if it is widely utilized
c.    What strategy or strategies would you recommend based on your findings? Support your position.
d.    How can treatment progress be evaluated?  What are the most effective tools for evaluation? Support your response
V    Discussion
a.    What are current strategies to assist those who suffer from the disorder? Are there prevention strategies available?
b.    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach(s)?
c.    What recommendations do you have regarding the treatment process for the disorder and its impact on individuals, families, and communities?  Support your response
d.    What areas of research are warranted regarding treatment for the disorder?
VI    Conclusion
a.    Summarize

As part of this project, the student is to create an APA formatted annotated bibliography of Web resources.  This annotated bibliography should contain at least twenty-four Web resources related to abnormal psychology.  Each entry should include a short summary or description of the website, the purpose, how the site demonstrated credibility, and indicate how the information may be beneficial to students and professionals.  Credible academic Web resources other than those provided throughout the course are also acceptable.

Both the research paper and annotated bibliography are due with your module 8 homework assignment.  Students are to allocate their time appropriately over the next four weeks in order to complete this project in a timely manner.  Students are encouraged to visit the ARC’s Study Skills page to learn more about Academic Writing and the APA Style Guide.

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