Did you contact a librarian in order to start gathering information? What was the experience like?

For this week’s Forum, share with the class an outline of your research project. (Refer to the Lesson for information about outlining.) Within this outline, include statements of fact that you have found in your early research. Also provide a preliminary list of four (4) resources you think you will use in the project. Based on this week’s reading and lesson, why have you selected these resources? What makes them reliable and scholarly resources for your project?

Outlining can take on the traditional outline format, but you are also welcome to use any of the following (or other) online tools to demonstrate your planning for the final project:
In your conversations with classmates, ask questions about their topics and their research experience in the APUS Online Library. For example, you might ask any of the questions below or other think of something different to ask:
  • What library search strategies did you use to locate information?
  • Did you contact a librarian in order to start gathering information? What was the experience like?
  • Did you conduct a deep web search? What did you find?
  • What did you like about the online library’s search functions?
  • What library resource will you revisit as you build your final project?
  • Which video linked in the Lesson was the most useful?
  • Is there a concept in your outline or mind-map that you are unable to support through library research? Do you need help finding supporting material?
  • Did you find a resource that is a counter argument to your topic? Does this information impact your project plan

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