Create a website consisting of 5 pages.

Create a website consisting of 5 pages, with the following titles outlined below. Study the example website provided carefully because your design must closely mirror it in design. You are also required to have a single external cascading style sheet (named “style.css”) that will direct some of the formatting and look of your site. All CSS requirements will be explained within the following sections. ITECH 5004 students are not allowed to use tables to structure their websites. ITECH1004 students may use tables or CSS to structure their site. ITECH5004 student alternatively must only use CSS Div tags for their site structure and are not allowed to use tables.

HINT: Build your home page and CSS first and then if you make a copy of this page for all subsequent pages, they will all contain identical formatting and navigation.

All pages should have the following features:
A non-white background colour and a well-chosen text colour (use the same colour scheme for all 5 pages). All text must be easily readable against the chosen background colour;
5 links on the left-hand side of the page to the other pages on the site. – pages must not contain links to themselves;
Follow the file name conventions outlined below;
A main heading which matches the page title;

Must have elements of their formatting controlled by a single external CSS sheet (style.css). Elements which must be controlled are:
Background colour of the page;
Headings & Font size and colour;
Hyperlink state colours;
Additionally ITECH 5004 students must have their dot list formatting and any relevant DIV formatting handled by their single external style sheet.

Site & Page requirements
The Home page (index.html) should also display the following details:
Your name and student number;
The course code and name;
The assignment number;
A ‘mailto’ link to your email address;
An image of yourself (600px by 400px).
ITECH5004 students only must embed a sound file under the picture of themselves which will express the first three dot points required for this page. The sound file must be of decent listenable quality and be controllable (does not automatically start upon page load).

The “My favourite cartoon” (cartoon.html) page should display:
A photograph representing your favourite cartoon (sized at 600px by 400px) and its source referenced;
A list of five dot-points on the topic “Interesting facts about <cartoon>” – these must be in your own words and be expressive.

The “My favourite Website” (website.html) page should also display:
The title of your favourite website;
A screen capture of your favourite website (sized at 600px by 400px); In this picture only show the homepage of the website and crop out any surrounding browser features;
A list of five dot-points on the topic “What I like about <website>” – these must be in your own words and be expressive.

The “A hobby of mine” (hobby.html) page should also display:
An embedded YouTube link to a video associated with your favourite hobby;
A list of five dot-points on the topic “What I enjoy about <insert hobby>” – these must be in your own words and be expressive.

The “Facts about me” (facts.html) should also display:
Your earlier Movie Maker .mp4 embedded;
A list of five dot-points on the topic “Interesting facts about me” – these must be in your own words and be expressive.

The list of dot-points on all the pages expect for the homepage must contain five (5) dot-points each. Your dot points must be unordered and use the square bullet point style.
Font sizes
The font size for all text, except headings and sub-headings, must be 15px. Heading sizes vary depending on the heading type, but care must be taken that headings and text are balanced and use the <h1> & <h2> tags. H1 tags must be used for each pages heading (e.g. My home town) and H2 tags used for the content headings (e.g. “Interesting facts about my home town It must be obvious by the size of the different text elements that a hierarchy of size exists.

ITECH5004 students only: In addition to the above requirements you must also submit a report in the form of a Word document which describes the steps which you followed in completing this assignment, explaining the reasoning for each video creating and website creation operation and step. Include images throughout the report to help explain your steps. When describing the steps think of how a lab tutorial is written. Your report should be as detailed and as easy to follow as this assignment specifications document in describing how your website was built.

Further in regards to your website you must explain the following:
How you optimized the multimedia content of your site. For example what format you used for the sound file, images, etc and why;
How you address copyright issues regarding any multimedia content that you did not have copyright over yourself;
Three (3) key lessons that you have learnt about the multimedia design process.

Submission and marking process

Please submit a copy of this assignment via Moodle. Create a single zip file containing all of the files required for your submission and submit this single file.

You will need to submit the following files:
all 5 HTML files and a single CSS file;
all multimedia elements used in the website;
both the Movie Maker project & output files created for Stage 1;
the Word document (for ITECH5004 students only).

Before submitting, carefully check that your website is using relative rather than absolute referencing (e.g. by copying your files to a different location and then testing the webpages); otherwise it will not appear correctly when marked on a different machine and will be marked down if elements do not show or if navigation does not function. Make sure your lecturer and/or tutor has explained this concept to you.

Assignments will be marked on the basis of fulfillment of the requirements, and the quality of the final product.

In addition to the marking criteria, marks may be deducted for failure to comply with the assignment requirements, including (but not limited to):
incomplete documentation
incomplete submissions (e.g. missing files)

Refer to the Course Description for details of the policy on marking of late assignments. Any applications for extensions or special consideration should be made as early as possible, and in all cases prior to the deadline for submission.

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