Controversial Issue Paper Divorce has long lasting effects on children.

PROJECT 1 Controversial Issues Paper Choose a controversial topic in sexuality about which you would enjoy reading and learning. Consider examining a topic that is either personally or professionally of interest. Find and copy a minimum of 4 reliable, informative, in-depth, current articles. Using the information gathered from these articles and your textbook, write an interesting, well organized paper. The paper will be divided into 3 sections: detailed discussion supporting the issue, detailed discussion arguing against the issue; your opinion based upon your reading. Include an international or local view in either or both the pro and the con section. Label each section. Use APA referencing style for reference citations in the text of the paper and for the reference list at the end of the paper. This is not to be written as a review of article 1, article 2, and article 3. Each section needs to include a minimum of 3 sources. The information must be merged into an interesting, well organized, well written paper. When submitting the paper, include the copies of all the articles cited in your paper or I will return it ungraded. You need to copy and paste articles and run on 10 pt with 2 pages per sheet and front to back. When you decide on the topic, write your name beside that topic on the signup sheet. Only 2 students will be allowed to sign up for a topic. On the date the paper is due be prepared to give a 5 minute talk on the topic. Bring note cards to help organize the presentation. Length of paper= 3 pages- 11 point font and each section should be equal. Sections of paper-Label: Pro/ for view; Against/con view; Your opinion.. Be sure to use reliable sources. If you use articles from unreliable sources, your paper will be returned un-graded. You may rewrite using reliable sources and submit as a late paper. If you are not sure if reliable–DO NOT USE IT

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