Computer Data Analysis.

Scenario and Summary

You have been requested to create two reports using the AdventureWorks database.

Part 1: Table Joins Using Functions and Aggregates

You will continue with the multitable joins to extract data for more complex business needs. These statements use the Northwind sample database.

Part 2: Creating a Simple Report

A report has been requested that will show a full list of products offered by the company. Products are divided into categories and each category is further subdivided in subcategories. For example, the category Bikes consists of subcategories such as Mountain Bikes, Touring Bikes, and so forth.The report uses the AdventureWorks sample database.

Upon completing this lab, you will be able to

  1. join three tables;
  2. use functions and aggregates in join statements;
  3. identity the data required to produce the report (referencing ER diagram);
  4. design an effective report layout;
  5. display data fields and include calculated fields on the report;
  6. add appropriate headings and labels; and
  7. specify paging information – placing page breaks, page numbers, and so forth.
just to be on the same page. you can deliver all this 1. Select the layout tab and take a screen shot.

2. Open up the Lab 4 Answer Sheet.

3. Still in Word, put your mouse under the heading information and paste your first snap shot into this Microsoft Word document.

4. Return to your report. To run the report, right click the report name in the Solution Explorer and select Run.

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