Analyze the connections or relationships between two variables.

In this case, 40 individuals visited the hospital looking for information and education regarding their diabetes. Since diabetes relates to the body’s ability to use glucose, their glucose level was measured. These patience took a knowledge test about diabetes before and after being given some educational materials. Satisfaction with their overall visit was also measured through a survey. The data appear below for your reference. The Excel spreadsheet with these data can be found in Doc Sharing and should be opened in Minitab to complete the analyses required in each part of this project

The variables are

1. Hospital stay – number of days in hospital Hospital satisfaction – level of satisfaction with hospital services during stay (very highly satisfied, highly satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, and very dissatisfied) 2. 3. Diabetes Pretest – score on diabetes knowledge test (must score 95 or higher to leave) Diabetes Posttest – score on diabetes knowledge test after receiving educational material created for this study 4. 5. Glucose – blood glucose in mg/dL. The data are available in Doc Sharing Course Project Data Set as an Excel file. You are to copy and paste the data set into a Minitab Worksheet.


PROJECT PART A: Exploratory Data Analysis

Open the file MATH533_Course_Project_Data_HOSPITAL.xlsx from Doc Sharing. Summarize the data for each of the five variables. For each variable, find the mean, median, variance, and standard deviation.

Use Minitab as appropriate, and explain what the results mean. These calculations may not be possible for each variable. If you cannot calculate any or all of these for a specific variable, please note that and state why.


Analyze the connections or relationships between two variables. There are ten pairings possible here (Hospital stay and hospital satisfaction, hospital stay and diabetes pretest, hospital stay and diabetes posttest, hospital stay and glucose, hospital satisfaction and diabetes pretest, hospital satisfaction and diabetes posttest, hospital satisfaction and glucose, diabetes pretest and diabetes posttest, diabetes pretest and glucose, and diabetes posttest and glucose ). Choose two of these pairings and find the correlation coefficient and show the scatter plot. Explain what you see. Some variables show clear relationships, while others do not. Prepare your report in Microsoft Word (or some other word processing package), integrating your graphs and tables with text explanations and interpretations. Be sure that you have graphical and numerical back up for your explanations and interpretations. Be selective in what you include in the report. You should not generate a 20 page report on every variable and every possible relationship. Rather what you should do is to highlight what you see for the individual and two or three sentences of interpretation. For the two pairings you selected, identify and report your results using graphical and numerical summary (as appropriate), with interpretations. All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy. Project Part A report is due by the end of Week 2. Project Part A is worth 100 total points. See grading rubric below


Format for report: A. Brief Introduction B. Discuss your 1st individual variable C. Discuss your 2nd individual variable D. Discuss your 3rd individual variable E. Discuss your 4th individual variable F. Discuss your 5th individual variable G. Discuss your 1st pairing of variables H. Discuss your 2nd pairing of variables I. Conclusion

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