Accounting create basic financial statements for your company.

It is the end of a reporting period. Because there are more people than usual retiring this year, your manager has asked your accounting department to create 2 things:

  • A process documentation detailing the different methods of preparing income statements, specific sections of the income statement, and how to handle the special types of income statement items
  • Basic financial statements for your company

Individual Portion:

  1. Select a company filing of your choice that contains a multiple-step income statement.
    • Communicate your selection with your group (each of you should submit a different company).
    • Submit the link to this filing as proof of your research.
  2. Prepare a process documentation that
    • is prepared in a professional manner because it will be the desktop guide used by others in the event of your absence to prepare the financial statements for Music Warehouse.
    • is in the form of a memorandum or as a numbered listing of items, depending on your individual preference.
    • includes the following elements:
      • a definition and description of the specific sections of the income statement
      • a description of the different methods of preparing income statements
      • an explanation of the conceptual guidelines for reporting income
      • how to handle the special types of income statement items

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