Write an analysis of an empirical article on your research topic. This article should be as close as possible to your research topic of interest.

Directions: Read and write an analysis of an empirical article on your research topic. This article should be as close as possible to your research topic of interest.

The article analysis should be NO MORE than 3 pages in length, typed double-spaced, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.

The purpose of the article analysis is to summarize the main points of the article and evaluate the quality of the report. Be sure to utilize a scientific research article – an article in a journal that reports the results of an original study, and has introduction, method, results and discussion sections. Consider the questions below in your analysis of each section of the article.

The assignment is DUE: 10/2/15, 11:59PM, and should be submitted to Blackboard only, do not turn in a hard copy.

Below are key points to address in your analysis of each section of the research article, but also include additional points of analysis that you deem appropriate.

Provide the complete citation for the article, in proper APA format.

Does the introduction provide a strong rationale for why the study is needed?
Are the research questions and hypotheses clearly articulated? What is the research question(s)?
Is the review of the literature clear, comprehensive, organized, and relevant to the research questions and purpose of study?

Is the method described in enough detail that replication is possible without further information?
Are subject/participant recruitment and selection methods described?
What sampling technique was used and is it appropriate in terms of the population to which the researcher wished to generalize?
Are characteristics of the sample described adequately?
What type of research design was utilized in the study? (e.g., survey, quasi-experimental)
If appropriate, was a control group used?
If an experimental study, were subjects randomly assigned to groups?
Variables and Measures
What variables were measured in the study?
Do the measures match the research questions being addressed?

Does the results section contain a clear and logical summary of the findings (could you understand it?)?
Does the results section include the results of all (statistical) analyses?
Were tests of significance used and reported appropriately?
Do the authors report means and standard deviations (if relevant) so that the reader can examine whether statistical significant differences are large enough to be meaningful?
For a qualitative study, is enough evidence provided? Do the authors present themes from the data?
Is the researcher sufficiently objective in reporting the results?


Does the discussion section offer interpretations for all of the important results?
Do the authors consider alternative explanations for the findings?
Do the authors discuss which hypotheses were supported?
Do the authors make appropriate generalizations about the findings? Do the authors include limitations of the study?

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