What has been tried to treat juvenile delinquents in America in the past?

Please select one of the following topics. These topics should be researched (literature review) and written up in essay format. Each paper should be 6 pages, typed, and have a reference page.All quotes must be cited. All pages should be numbered. –You should identify references from your main textbook, by Thompson and Bynum,and Alice Goffman “On the Run” and Tough, Paul “ Whatever it Takes, Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America”, these books should be used in conjunction with other readings C. Write a paper about what can be done to prevent Juvenile Delinquency and how to Treat Juvenile Delinquents.Many students would like a career in social work. This means that they also need to be aware of treatment and prevention strategies of juvenile delinquency. a.What has been tried to treat juvenile delinquents in America in the past? b. What has been tried in other countries? c. What ideas are there for the future and what factors shape which strategies that are used (ex. Financing, changing ideology of treatment and punishment) d. What do you think would be effective to prevent Juvenile delinquency? ** Use the text book “ Whatever it Takes, Geoffrey Canada’ Quest to Change Harlem and America” to discuss Canada’s

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