There are 3 specific traditional rules used in resolving the arising dilemmas. Discuss them.

Ethics in advertising are the moral order and principles that must be applied for an advertisement to be effective. Adverts educate consumers and create awareness on various goods and services they can purchase (Bivins, 2009).
The unique ethical issues
Vital issues concerned with ethical advertisement are dishonest adverts, advertisement to young ones, drug advertisement e.g. tobacco, an advert for local breweries, political adverts that are unconstructive, adverts regarding sex and ethnicity stereotype.
Ethical dilemma
Ethical dilemma in business advertising entails making the right selections. Advertisers are encountered with hard choices which build and generate tension between the codes of conduct and revenues or between their own individual gain and the public good. In real sense, any choice or judgements that encounter a moral consideration can potentially result to an ethical dilemma. For instance; a decision that requires morally two causes of action which are incompatible with each other. Also, decisions which favors ones’ interest but morally violates the principle that the person supports (Taplin, 2013).
Traditional theories used in suggesting the potential resolution of the dilemmas
There are 3 specific traditional rules used in resolving the arising dilemmas. First, the respect to truthfulness; meaning advertisers should not distort the truth but instead stand with relevant facts. The decision should adhere to the dignity of human beings by giving special considerations to the disadvantaged group in the society. Finally, the advertisement must promote social responsibility; it must not limit progress. Based on the above rules, any potential dilemmas in advertising can be avoided provided the advert obeys the morals, it is declared effective.
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