Summarize (briefly) what you discussed and explain how this information impacts your perceptions today.

Your assignment is to conduct some research and to identify 3 major events that took place during the month/year and in the country in which you were born.  The idea is for you to conduct some research into the culture that existed during this time period.  You are to examine major news events, sports results, entertainment events, great inventions, as well as other culturally specific material (popular music. TV shows, fashion, technology . . .) that contributed to the aura of this time in history.  I am looking for you to identify 3 major events/items that occurred or existed (other then your birth) that were culturally significant during the year and in the place (culture) of your birth. The purpose of this assignment is to gain some insight into the culture you were born into, which has had some influence on the person you are today.

Your paper should follow the following format.


In the introduction of your paper you should provide background information on the date and time you were born. In this section you should describe and identify the country/culture you were born into and provide some basic background information to give some perspective on the 3 main events you will discuss in the body of you paper. You should also highlight the 3 main points you will discuss in the body of this paper.



In this section you should identify the 3 culturally relevant events you found in your research. You should describe these events and discuss their cultural relevance. Give examples where possible and provide any relevant information as deemed necessary.



In the final part of you paper you should summarize (briefly) what you discussed and explain how this information impacts your perceptions today. What impact did this assignment have on your understanding of who you are as you look back into the cultural you were born? Reflect and discuss any impression you now have after delving into your past. You should also include a bibliography of the sour

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