Should the saying “all is fair in love and war” apply to competitive intelligence?Explain.

Should the saying “all is fair in love and war” apply to competitive intelligence? Why do you think so? 


Try to limit your comments and replies to about 150 words.


1. Make a short response about the above question, and also reply a short comment to the below response.


I think the statement “all is fair in love and war” definitely applies to competitive intelligence. Ultimately you want to find out exactly what your competitors are doing and create something better.  I think it is fair to find out how to win, anything goes in business, its all about who gets there first. For example the guy who created Facebook, Zuckerberg took some of the other students information they gave him on what they wanted to create and he made it into a better website. He had his intelligence plus his competitors intelligence and created one of the greatest social media sites known to name.  To me there is nothing wrong with what he did, and all is ultimately fair.

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