List and describe the regions of the ocean in descending order..

1. List and describe the regions of the ocean in descending order.


2. List the 5 kingdoms.


3. List the general characteristic of the arthropods or animals like lobsters and crabs.


4. List the general characteristic of squid and octopi.


  1. List the general characteristic of Foraminiferans and radiolarians.
  2. Which group contains cnidoblasts or specialized stinging cells to immobilize prey?


7. Polyps and medusae are characteristic of which group of organism?


8. Describe the lifestyles of marine worms.


9. Which kingdoms is a somewhat “unnatural” collection of diverse forms that do not clearly fit into any of the other categories? Why?


10. List the general characteristic of:


  1. gastroderms,
  2. equinoderms,
  3. Brachiopods
  4. Chondrichthies
  5. manatees and sea cows
  6. baleen whales
  7. toothed whales
  8. bony fishes
  9. cartilaginous fishes


11. Which of the vertebrate groups is considered the most ancient?


2. What are Tunicates or “sea squirts”?


13. How does a fish “hear”?


  1. Which group of marine mammals was named because of its fanciful resemblance to mermaids?
  2. Why sharks must continuously swim?


16. What are barnacles?


17. Which is the most successful phylum on Earth, if success means the number of individuals and number of species?


  1. What is a soft-shelled crab?
  2. Contrast homeotherms and poikilotherms.
  3. How do the wings of the most “severely oceanic” birds (that is, birds spending nearly all of their life span aloft over the ocean) tend to be?

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