Intro to PPT

You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation designed to help new students identify the many new and exciting options for student success and COMP program focus at AIU. For example, the Virtual Campus has important features to enhance a student’s learning experience. This includes student resources, instant messaging, Live Chat, intellipath, e-mail, and announcements.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students with a visual walk-through of the many AIU success and technology options. Not only should you describe them; you should explain when and why you might use each one of these items in the virtual classroom environment. Indicate to your schoolmates the advantages of each resource and provide a recommendation for how often you might check or use each of these features. Be sure to use the Notes feature in PowerPoint to provide your general presentation script for each slide.

At a minimum, the following sections should be addressed for this project:

  • Gradebook
  • Announcements
  • Instant messaging and e-mails
  • Live Chat
  • intellipath
  • Learning materials
  • M.U.S.E.

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the minimum slides listed below and include your presentation script (what you plan to say about he information shown on the slide) for each slide in theNotes section:

  • Slide 1 is the cover slide with just your name and class, including section number.
  • Slides 2–3 cover Gradebook
  • Slides 4–5 cover Announcements
  • Slides 6–7 cover Instant Messaging and e-mails
  • Slides 8–9 cover Live Chat
  • Slides 10–11 cover intellipath adaptive learning
  • Slide 12–13 cover Learning Materials
  • Slide 14–15 cover the M.U.S.E.
  • Slide 16 is the summary slide where you will post your summary of the course elements.

At a minimum, your final product should reflect that you have mastered the following:

  • Use of a Design Template of your choice
  • Use of the Notes feature to provide text that supports the created slides
  • Use of graphics (Clip Art, Photo, Charts, Graphs, etc.) to visually support your trigger topics

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