How will you coordinate getting all of the supplies so you can build the swing set in time?

Scenario #1

You had a crazy party last night; things got a little out of hand. All you have are 3 apples and a flute at your house. You have no money, you have no phone. You do have 6 friends coming over to help you clean. You need to hand everyone a full apple when they arrive as an offering for their help in repairing your house. You can’t leave the house because the plumber could show up at any time and you’re the one responsible for getting the bathtub fixed after your friends filled in with beer and goldfish (fish tank). Timmy walks through the door flipping a coin. “I couldn’t find a gum ball machine. Do you have anything to eat?” (Timmy lost his wallet last night; he’s hungry). Tommy will arrive in 10 minutes – he has a $100 gift card to hot topic. Willy and Reggie will be there in 15 minutes – they have a tent in their car. Cindy and Muffin will arrive in 20 minutes – muffin likes to bake. Apples cost 15 cents and the store is 5 minutes away. The store only accepts cash. Everyone needs to have an apple. What will you do?

Scenario #2

The house is cleaned and people start to leave. Uh oh! You realize the swing set is missing from the back yard. No one has enough money to buy a new one so you decide to build one in it’s likeness. Your parents get home in 2 hours and you need to have the swingset built by then. It’s 9am. You need to collect the following items from their respective stores- screws from the screw store, a slide from the slide store, wood from the wood store, a ladder from the ladder store. You have 1 truck and 1 sedan. The slide and wood will not fit in the sedan. You still have Willy, Reggie and Muffin at your house to help; they can all drive. The screw store is 7 minutes north west and opens at 9:30am. The slide store is 8 minutes south and opens at 10am. The wood store is 11 minutes north west and opens at 9am. The ladder store is 15 minutes east and opens at 10:15am. How will you coordinate getting all of the supplies so you can build the swing set in time?

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