Have you ever bought a product or service you didn’t need? Explain why you bought the product.

In the history of advertising the “Pet Rock” is one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever. Would you buy a rock? How about if I paint it, give it a name, and tell you it will be your most faithful companion ever? I know your laughing. But go to this link to see how the Pet Rock made it’s inventor a millionaire- are you still laughing at the power of advertising? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_rock


Now let’s see how advertising has influenced you and why.

Start by answering the following questions in your discussion:

1. Have you ever bought a product or service you didn’t need? What was it? Upload the image or video of it for us to see.

2. Please explain why you bought the product. What needs did you think the product would fill?

3. What techniques did the advertiser use to get you to buy the product or service? Hint- look at the ad or commercial, not your personal reasons, to figure out what the techniques are. They are also listed in your textbook.


Now using

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