Good Deed Report.

All business writing either persuades or informs. Often, business writers are asking for changes they cannot implement themselves. This assignment will give you ACTUAL experience in causing a change in another organization. This assignment contains two parts, so read and follow instructions carefully.


1. Correspondence to Supervisor

Write a brief (200-300 word) note, memo, or e-mail to the supervisor of some person who has provided excellent service for you or for someone else (co-worker, family member, etc.) in the last two months. The service you reference must have been “above and beyond the call of duty,” and you must write to a real person about a real event that really happened in your life.

Your note must request the supervisor to take action to formally recognize the employee’s act. Deliver your request to the supervisor.

NOTE: The person to whom you are writing can be any supervisor in any establishment with which you have had contact (not in your imagination–in real life–see above). The supervisor may NOT be someone YOU supervise, nor can the employee singled out be someone who works for you.


2. Memo to Dr. Clark

Write a 400-500 word report to me (in business memo format) describing the supervisor’s reaction and other consequences of your request. Include a copy of your request to the supervisor as the last page of your report to me and submit both documents in ONE MS Word file.


Grading Criteria

An excellent paper written for this assignment:

  • is submitted on time
  • meets length requirement
  • contains no proofreading, grammar, or construction errors
  • focuses on the information needs of the audience
  • follows appropriate memo format – to, from, date, subject in heading, block style paragraphs, headings and subheadings, etc.  (correspondence to supervisor can be written in email, memo, or letter format–if you are not sure which one to use, look it up in your textbook or in articles and online handouts I have provided throughout this term).
  • is single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs
  • is addressed to the recipient (memo 1-the supervisor, memo 2–me) and senders are identified by both name and title
  • includes note to supervisor as last page
  • includes request for supervisor action in first paragraph

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