Explain the technology and the need or problem this technology is addressing (solving).

You are to find an article related to the current topic as indicated by the course syllabus and schedule.  Select a topic from the list of Key Concepts in the chapter before selecting the specific article for review. Stay away from studies, historical reviews, and reports comparing one brand to another.  Acceptable sources are Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, other technology oriented magazines, City Newspapers, publications on page 16 in textbook, and articles from the back of each chapter of the text, or Journal Articles available through the ODU Library Database.  Other sources must be cleared with the instructor first.
Assignment:  In our own words, you are to write a one-page review of the article containing a two paragraph summary of the article topic explaining the technology and the need or problem this technology is addressing (solving).
Then a two paragraph implications and impacts section .  The implications must address both the positive and negative aspects, 1 paragraph for each.  The review must be in your own words.
Format:  12pt Times New-Roman font, single spaced, 1 inch margins.  Use the template on the following page as a guideline.  Limited to 1 page, all items in black must appear.
Note:  At a minimum, paragraphs must consist of  5-6 complete sentences.  Do not use quotes in your summary or implications.  You must paraphrase and summarize.  Implications must be based on sound reasoning.  (“I don’t like it!” or “Who wouldn’t want this!” are not a sound implications)

(Note: text format is in black and must be used, red information is for you to follow)

Article (number) Review
Student Name:
CR#: 15677(M@4) or 15679 (T@4) or 15680(T@7)
APA 6 Citation: (start on the next line)
(Last, F. (YYYY). Title of article without capitalization: An example. My Magazine. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “http://www.website.com” http://www.website.com)

(Summary must contain two paragraphs, each starting with an indent.  The summary section must include a brief explanation of the technology in first paragraph and the need or problem this technology is addressing in the second paragraph. There is no need to mention the name of the article again.  Whenever the word internet is use, it use be capitalized only when preceded by the word ‘the’; otherwise, is should be lowercase.  Every paragraph must be a minimum of five sentences long. .  Do not use quotes in your summary section.)
Grading feedback message    -S1 = problem with explanation
-S2 = problem with need or problem

Implications and Impact
(Implications and impacts section must contain two paragraphs.  One paragraph for positive implications of this technology. And one paragraph for negative implications that this technology may cause.)
Grading feedback message    -I1 = problem with positives
-I2 = problem with negatives

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