Explain how the implications from the findings may influence best practices in at least one professional career field

Papers must be completed in perfect APA style (6th ed.) – (Include reference page with rough draft)

Locate 3 or more peer-reviewed journal articles that would allow you to delve deeper or otherwise explore the topic (or its tangents) in a manner beyond the required readings. The theme of your paper should be a characterization of the latest thinking regarding your selected topic: (Motivation, Reinforcement & Attribution). Historical analysis is fine, but the emphasis should be on current (2015) scientific consensus in research and/or practice.

the outline to go by:

The assignment is evaluating research articles and should included something like this:

intro- briefly introduce your topic and provide rationale for research on this issue based on the peer reviewed literature

body- summarizing Problem statement (why did the researchers conduct the investigation)

Identify the type of research (non-experimental/experimental) and the specific research design

State the variables. If applicable, identify the independent variable and the levels. If applicable, name the dependent variable and explain how it was operationalized.

Describe the sample size, characteristics, and how participants were selected.

Describe how the data were collected. If applicable, identify the instruments/questionnaires. (Be sure to include the APA citation for questionnaires)

Describe at least 2 key findings.

Explain how the implications from the findings may influence best practices in at least one professional career field

Identify one finding from the article you found interesting (Why did you pick this article to share?)

conclusion- briefly compare the similarities and differences between the articles. identifying a gap in the literature base related to the topic and state a research question

no amount of pages required- just needs to contain a in-depth discussion of the research pertaining to the topic

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