Entities and attributes used in a database.


as part of the requirements analysis phase of your development process, you are tasked to look at the existing processing that is currently performed. The outcome of this analysis will be a list of entities and attributes needed for the consolidated database.

Review the attached document Shipping Invoice (attached), and complete the following:

  • Identify the unique entities and attributes used in the current application.
  • Include at least 3 entities with a representative sample of attributes form each.


you will need to complete the steaps above first. The entities and attributes you created should be translated into Microsoft Access tables. Complete the following for your assignment:

  • Create in Microsoft Access the tables you laid out
  • Include the following in the table(s):
    • Appropriate field titles
    • Correct data type
    • Primary keys should be set
    • Create at least 10 filler entries per each table

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