Discuss the U.S Embassy Bombing in Kenya.

Introductory paragraph with thesis statement (this is an overall statement which makes a connection between the first-hand account and historical account) *Hint – You should write your body paragraphs BEFORE your introduction* ● First Paragraph: Introduce your interviewee, their background, and their account of the historical event. ● Second Paragraph: Find at least three (3) sources concerning your event. This should give a more balanced perspective on how history textbooks have interpreted the same event. Use these sources to both support and contradict your interviewees perspective. (This can be more than one paragraph – however each should have a clear topic sentence) ● Concluding Paragraph: Summarize each perspective, and then think critically about these two questions. 1 – Why are there differences between the two versions of the same event?  2 – What are the strengths and weaknesses of primary and secondary sources?You may use a family member as a source. This person must be cited on the works cited page. ● You may include documents such as letters, books, news articles, photographs, etc. These will also be included on your works cited page. ● Introductory paragraphs include the context of the story: o When did this happen? o Who was involved? ● Be sure to write a draft, then refine it prior to submission. ● Record your sources in MLA format on a works cited page using Noodletools. ● Final Draft should be 3-4 pages (approx. 800-1000 words) , in MLA format

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