Describe what your talents tell you about your career .

Using thethreesentencesyouwroteasa guide,writean approximately500-word descriptionofyour strengths (double-spaced is fine) and attach it online where indicated.


In youropening paragraph,brieflydescribe your experiencewith theexercise–specifically,whether itwaseasierormore difficulttoidentifyand narrowdownyour threemainstrengths.


In thebodyof theassignment,describeyourselfin awaythatsomeonewhodoesn’tknow you would gaina good understanding ofyour natural talents.  You cancertainlyusethethreesentencesyou developed.  Youmustillustrateyour paper with strongexamples orstoriesfrom your life(work,school, orpersonal).



Concludeby describingwhatyour talentstellyou aboutyour career –whatinsightsdid this assignment giveyou about whatyourcareer?Whatwill you havetooffer anemployer?


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