Describe the use of costumes, makeup, and masks.

“Pick a particular time and place prior to 1964 and describe the way in which a piece of the theatre was produced focusing on the economics and/or mechanics. Describe the physical theatre, particularly the stage and any backstage areas. What was the relation of the stage to the auditorium? How large was the theatre and how many spectators? How was a play chosen? Who were the producers? Who filled the role of director? Who were the actors and how were they chosen? Describe the use of costumes, makeup, and masks. Were there dressing rooms? Was there scenery? If so, who built it, how was it loaded in, how were scene changes handled, what was backstage like? What was the rehearsal process? Describe the finances of the theatrewho paid for production costs? Theatre maintenance? Were actors paid? Was there publicity? Was there a profit? Did plays run indefinitely? In rep? Etc.”

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